Restorative Networks


We help you build and sustain a vibrant trust-based community.  We offer training for and facilitation of the following:

Connection Circles - for forming and sustaining communities

Peacemaking Circles - for collaboration and problem solving

Restorative Conferences - for long-lasting conflict resolution/peace-building

What is a Restorative Community?

A restorative community is a group of people that utilizes restorative practices to build trust-based and respectful relationships founded on the strengths of individuals.  And when there is a break-down, the community engages in a process that allows for long-lasting and meaningful relationship repair.  In restorative communities, people feel safe, connected and valued, and therefore are more engaged and willing to be “team players”. Collaboration replaces antagonism and competition.  Peace replaces strife and misunderstanding. 

What is Restorative Practices?

Restorative Practices is an approach to creating relationships in which individuals feel safe, honored and inspired to give more of themselves.  The practices can be used to create unity anywhere two or more people gather.


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Contact us for additional information on the leading model for relationship building and conflict resolution. Our outstanding team is available for consultation and/or training.


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